Questions to ask when developing a plan with your healthcare team

Developing a plan with your neurologist about what you should do and whom you should contact when you are experiencing a relapse is important. This plan should be developed in consultation with your medical team before you have a relapse, so that both you and your healthcare team know what to expect when a relapse occurs. To follow are questions to ask your doctor:

  • Whom should I contact in your office when I am experiencing a relapse?
    Name of healthcare practitioner: _____________________________________
    Phone: _________________________
  • If I am experiencing a relapse, when should I contact your office? For example, should I call the office at the first sign of a relapse or within 24 hours of experiencing the symptoms of a relapse?
  • What information will you need from me when I call to report a relapse?
  • What are your treatment protocols for relapses?
  • How will I know if the treatment is working for me?
  • When was my last relapse and how was it treated? Did any problems or issues come up during the course of treatment that should be discussed? Would I be willing to take the same treatment again? How do I follow-up after the treatment?
  • How else can I plan in advance for a relapse?

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