Multiple Sclerosis Overview

Glossary of MS Terms

MS Overview - IntroductionMS Introduction

This section gives a brief overview of MS, touching on symptoms, causes, and diagnosis.

MS Overview - HistoryHistory of MS

This section discusses the history of how and when the disease was discovered and treatments developed.

MS Overview - The MS Process and SymptomsThe MS Process and Symptoms

This section offers information on how the central nervous system (CNS) is affected by MS and the symptoms that can result.

MS Overview - Who Gets MSWho Gets MS

Details on certain trends, such as age, gender, and geography, are discussed in this section.

MS Overview - Types of MSTypes of MS

Please visit this section to learn about all of the types of MS, as well as syndromes prior to an MS diagnosis.

MS Overview - RelapsesMS Relapses

This section details what happens during a relapse and also provides treatment options.

MS Overview - The Immune System and MSThe Immune System and MS

The information given in this section talks about the events that lead up to the damage and symptoms of MS.

MS Overview - Possible Causes of MSPossible Causes of MS

Please see this section for information on the possible causes of MS and the combination of factors that may be involved.

MS Overview - Diagnosing MS and Evaluating Disease ActivityDiagnosing MS and Evaluating Disease Activity

This section provides details on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and other tools used to diagnose MS and measure MS-disease activity.

MS Overview - Additional Evaluative ToolsAdditional Evaluative Tools for MS

The Kurtzke Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) and other evaluative tools are described in this section.

MS Overview - The Importance of Long-Term TreatmentThe Importance of Long-Term Treatment for MS

Please go to this section to learn about the benefits of long-term treatment and specifics on FDA-approved disease-modifying therapies.

MS Overview - The Future of MS Research and TreatmentsThe Future of MS Research and Treatments

This section describes targets for MS treatments and how different approaches may interrupt the chain of events leading to MS damage and its symptoms.