Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month 2024

MS Awareness Month

MSAA is proud to support Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month during the month of March and is offering several online educational activities, which include a three-part podcast series, one live webinar, and coverage across MSAA’s social media channels featuring experts in the field of MS. MSAA’s national campaign for MS Awareness Month focuses on “Improving Lives Through Supportive Connections” with specific programs addressing the power of social interactions, connectedness, and mental health support to empower health, enhance quality of life, and improve MS care:

  • Week One: Mental Health and MS
  • Week Two: The Power of Positive Thinking
  • Week Three: Social Interactions and Connections
  • Week Four: Elevating Your Well-Being

Please join us for the following free MS Awareness Month activities:

MSAA Podcast Episodes

Amy B. Sullivan

Finding Joy in the Process: Managing Mental Health in the MS Journey – a three-part series featuring Amy B. Sullivan, PsyD, ABPP

Join MSAA and behavioral medicine specialist Dr. Amy Sullivan in a special 3-episode MSAA Podcast series focusing on validating mental health in MS care and discussing how social interactions and connections can be essential tools to empower health and wellness in the MS experience and journey. Dr. Sullivan is an Associate Professor of Medicine and the Director of Behavioral Medicine & Research at the Mellen Center for MS. Her work has focused on mental health in people with chronic diseases and their family members, as well as physician burnout and diversity empowerment. She is an expert in group dynamics and curriculum development as well as psychological factors impacting multiple sclerosis. Dr. Sullivan is also a member of MSAA’s Healthcare Advisory Council.

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Part 1: Mental Health and MS

This initial episode explores the topic of Mental Health and MS with behavioral medicine specialist and clinical psychologist, Dr. Amy Sullivan, guiding us in this important conversation on such issues as common symptoms that impact mental health, advice for someone that might be experiencing a mental health challenge, and strategies that could help to cope with mental health in one’s MS journey.
Listen to this episode.

Part 2: The Power of Positive Thinking

In this next episode, MSAA speaks with Dr. Amy Sullivan about coming to terms with living with MS and using positivity as a coping strategy to improve quality of life. 
Listen to this episode.

Part 3: Social Interactions and Connections

In this final episode our series “Finding Joy in the Process: Managing Mental Health in the MS Journey,” our guest Dr. Amy Sullivan discusses how MS impacts daily routines, relationships, and social life and the benefit of social interactions and connections when someone is managing mental health and MS. 
Listen to this episode.

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Live Webinar

Archived recording available soon for:

Elevating Your Well-Being: A Conversation about Multiple Sclerosis and Mental Health featuring Barry A. Hendin, MD and Holly Hendin, MD

Monday, March 25, 8:00 – 9:00 PM Eastern
Dr. Barry Hendin Dr. Holly Hendin Dr. Barry Hendin and psychiatrist Dr. Holly Hendin join us in a conversation to share their perspectives about the physical and mental manifestations of MS, comprehensive MS care, the importance of social life and supportive connections in the MS journey, along with tips to elevate one’s quality of life. Dr. Barry Hendin is a highly accomplished neurologist who specializes in MS as the director of the Arizona Integrated Neurology MS Center and serves as MSAA’s chief medical officer. His daughter Dr. Holly Hendin is a board-certified outpatient psychiatrist with the Dignity Health Medical Group at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, and an assistant professor of clinical sciences at the Phoenix campus of Creighton University School of Medicine.

The archived recording of this webinar will be available soon!

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Other MS Awareness Month Links

MS Art Showcase 2024

MSAA Art Showcase 2024-25

MSAA is very proud to recognize the work of artists living with multiple sclerosis. Enjoy the many wonderful and inspiring submissions from artists with MS, including our latest Artist of the Month.

Please also join MSAA for a series of virtual fundraising events highlighting art as a way of therapeutic expression and connection through our Improving Lives Through Art® Spring 2024 Series. Special thanks to our Pearl Sponsor, Sandoz, for supporting our Improving Lives Through Art virtual events.