Overall Wellness

Overall wellness is important for everyone – with or without a condition such as multiple sclerosis (MS). For individuals who are diagnosed with MS, taking care of your body and mind is vital to feeling and performing at your very best.

MSAA offers a wealth of information on topics that can contribute to your overall wellness. From strategies to help you physically – such as long-term treatments, symptom management, exercise, and diet, to strategies to help you mentally and emotionally – such as information and support to help you cope with stress, anxiety, or depression. You’ll also find information on insurance, finance, and legal issues, plus a section devoted to finding happiness, which talks about inspiration, activities, and special interests.

MSAA provides this information in many forms, including published information, online videos and webinars, as well as MSAA online resources. Please visit the sections below to learn more about overall wellness!

Overall Wellness - General InformationGeneral Information

This section of overall wellness features a wide variety of information on topics important to general health and wellbeing. Examples include articles, videos, and online resources covering information on women’s health and men’s health, pediatric MS, the importance of a positive patient-doctor relationship, and more.

Overall Wellness - Physical HealthPhysical Health

In this section, individuals with MS may learn about the advantages to a healthy lifestyle, including the importance of diet and exercise. Taking a proactive role in staying active and healthy helps to ensure that you are at your best, both now and in the future.

Overall Wellness - Emotional HealthEmotional Health

Members of the MS community are more likely to experience symptoms of depression and anxiety, compared to individuals without MS. Worry and stress are common, and this type of emotional burden can take a toll on one’s health and relationships. Effective treatments as well as strategies to minimize the challenges are available. Please visit this section for more information.

Overall Wellness - Insurance, Finance, And LegalInsurance, Finance, And Legal

From health and disability insurance to employment and financial planning, members of the MS community have many needs to address. Making sure that you have the appropriate health insurance in place, finding ways to adjust your employment to suit your needs, learning how to apply for disability and other types of government assistance, and planning for the future financially, are all extremely helpful to keeping yourself on track. Please visit this section for more information.

Overall Wellness - Finding HappinessFinding Happiness

What types of things inspire you and what types of activities make you happy? For many individuals, staying active both socially and physically can make a big impact on overall wellbeing. Additionally, some find inspiration through artwork and writing, or certain complementary therapies, such as yoga and tai chi. Whatever you enjoy, you will find useful information in this section.