What should you expect when you see your neurologist?

Photo of notebooks and pencilsYour neurologist or healthcare provider will test for an MS relapse by performing a neurological exam to see what changes may have occurred since you were last seen. Your physician will also test for any signs of illness or infection, to rule out that possibility. If you have an illness or infection, this will need to be addressed before your symptoms subside. If your neurologist determines that you are having a true relapse, he or she will then discuss possible treatment plans.

Although most relapses remit or resolve on their own over time, neurologists usually recommend treatment when the symptoms are severe enough to affect a person’s ability to function normally. Early treatment may shorten the time to recovery. However, if you have less intrusive symptoms (as with a mild attack), such as numbness or spasticity, you and your neurologist may elect to use symptom-management strategies, reserving stronger treatments for a more severe relapse.

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