What should you tell your doctor when you call?

Photo of notebooks and pencilsWhile speaking with your doctor, you need to be as specific as possible while describing the symptoms that you have been experiencing. To follow are some basic questions your doctor may ask:

  • When did your symptoms begin, how did they make you feel, and how are they limiting or changing your daily activities and overall function?
  • Have any changes been made to your MS-treatment plan?
  • Has a new medication been added to your regimen for a condition not related to MS?
  • Have you recently given birth?
  • Have you had any vaccinations within the past three months?
  • Have you experienced any significant changes in your life or stressful situations since you last met with your physician?
  • Has another healthcare provider, other than your neurologist, been involved in your care and treatment recently?
  • How would you describe your fatigue level, and how would you describe your mood?

Keeping track of your symptoms is extremely helpful in providing accurate details about your MS to your doctor. You can keep a written journal, but another great option is to download MSAA’s mobile app, My MS Manager™, which can track information and provide reports to your healthcare team. Please visit mymsaa.org/mobile for details.

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