The Motivator: Winter/Spring 2016

Cover Story

Making the Most of Our Relationships

By Susan Courtney
From family and friends to employers and coworkers, the diagnosis of MS can impact how we interact and care for one another.


Up Front

By Gina Ross Murdoch
MSAA’s new president and CEO talks about her new role as well as important events at MSAA.

Ask the Doctor

By Jack Burks, MD
MSAA’s chief medical officer answers questions sent in by readers.

Research News

By Susan Wells Courtney
Information is provided on three investigational medications.

Program Notes

By Peter Damiri
MSAA’s redesigned website and new pseudobulbar affect (PBA) video.

Thoughts about Giving

By Kimberly Goodrich
A tribute gift is a great way to honor or remember someone special.

Stories to Inspire

By Mary C. Krapez
This inspiring author talks about her challenged yet charming life.

Spread the Word

By Susan Courtney
Three books from MSAA’s free Lending Library are featured.

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