Program Notes: MSAA Launches Redesigned Website

By Peter Damiri, Vice President of Programs and Services

While MSAA’s website,, has been mobile-ready for several years, we recently transformed the site into a fully responsive-designed web platform. For those who may not be aware, responsive design allows website content and the end-user experience to look and work the same on ANY device (desktop, tablet or smartphone).

The newly revised site still includes all of the same detailed information about multiple sclerosis for the MS community you have come to depend on, but is now more compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices. Notable highlights of the newly redesigned website include:

Photo of MSAA's Redesigned Website

  • An updated homepage with enhanced graphics and links to essential resources, including our sections on MS relapses and health insurance, as well as our MS Conversations blog and our top videos.
  • MSAA’s comprehensive MS Information section has been revised for easier navigation and to include more details about MS, its symptoms, long-term treatments, and important topics for individuals who are newly diagnosed.
  • A new section, titled My MSAA Community, includes links to information on our educational programs, the My MS Manager™ mobile app, and the latest news from MSAA.
  • Enhanced sections on ways to support MSAA – highlighting exciting ways to contribute your time or donations to the MS community.
  • More ways to engage with MSAA and share our content on your social networks and more!

Please visit to see all of these enhancements and let us know your thoughts at

More Ways to Stay Informed

As you can imagine, MSAA is very excited about the launch of our new website, which will enable the MS community to better connect to our information and resources. You may benefit even more by becoming a part of our growing email membership, giving you the opportunity to stay updated with the latest news on MS and MSAA activities.

If you have an email address and have an interest in sharing it with MSAA, you will be able to receive:

  • Invitations to MSAA’s educational programs in your local community
  • Timely updates on late-breaking MS news and treatment information
  • Access to MSAA’s digital edition of The Motivator magazine
  • Free subscription to My MSAA Today – MSAA’s new bimonthly e-newsletter available through email only
  • Easy, online ordering of equipment and cooling products
  • Access to MSAA’s My MS Resource Locator® and many more online services

Members can opt-out of receiving emails at any time. To register with MSAA and take advantage of these online opportunities, please visit and select “Receive Email Updates” on MSAA’s homepage.

MSAA Produces New Video on PBA

Photo of Dr. Kantor - Why Do I Cry or Laugh Inappropriately? Video

With the goal of shedding light on a lesser-known but very impactful symptom of multiple sclerosis, “Why Do I Cry or Laugh Inappropriately?” is MSAA’s latest on-demand educational video that discusses pseudobulbar affect (PBA). PBA is a distressing condition marked by sudden, involuntary episodes of crying or laughing.

Supported by Avanir Pharmaceuticals, this latest video features MS expert and MSAA Healthcare Advisory Council member Dr. Daniel Kantor. In this video, Dr. Kantor offers valuable insights into understanding PBA, learning about its cause, and knowing the differences between PBA, depression, and other mood disorders. Dr. Kantor also provides guidance on discussing PBA with your doctor and ways to evaluate and treat the condition. To watch this video, plus 40 additional video programs available on the Multiple Sclerosis Information (MSi) webpage, please visit