Thoughts about Giving: A Fitting Tribute

By Kimberly Goodrich
Vice President of Development

Photo of a graduate
Honor a graduate with a thoughtful tribute gift to help the MS community.

Finding the perfect gift for an occasion or the right words to say to someone experiencing loss is often a difficult situation. We can spend hours wondering, what is the appropriate way to express my condolences? Or, how can I truly show my appreciation of a person’s accomplishments? How do I give a meaningful, lasting gift that serves as a “fitting tribute” to that person?

Often members of the multiple sclerosis (MS) community will take the guesswork out for you, by asking expressly that in lieu of flowers or gifts, you make a donation to MSAA. And for that we are grateful. For every person we have assisted through our vital programs and services, we know there are many more people affected by MS who urgently need these same programs and services as well – and your gifts are what make this possible.

Even if such a gift isn’t asked for, this is a wonderful way to honor someone you respect, admire, or love. A memorial gift is a beautiful testimony to the life of a friend or family member, which also helps to make a difference in the lives of those affected by MS.

Gifts sent to MSAA can have a lasting impact and serve as a testimony to the life of a loved one. MSAA will send a personalized card to the family of the person in whose name the donation was made. Please note, MSAA does not disclose the amount of the gift to the recipient but simply lets them know of your thoughtfulness.

Tribute gifts can also be a terrific way to celebrate the special people and joyous events in your life. Do you know someone who works tirelessly to advocate for those living with MS, or who must personally manage this complex disease on a day-to-day basis? Honor that person and his or her indomitable spirit with a gift in this person’s honor. You may also celebrate the birthday of a friend, acknowledge a milestone achievement, rejoice in the commitment of a newly wedded couple – all while giving the gift of hope to others in the MS community.

As the weather begins to warm and we embrace the spring, there are numerous occasions approaching where we can pay tribute to family and friends. What better way to honor a mother or father in your life on their special day than with a gift that helps others? Will there be any graduates in your life this spring? Send them into their future with a thoughtful gift that salutes their hard work and instills a philanthropic spirit.

For larger events such as birthdays and anniversaries, you may want to get everyone involved. MSAA has the ability for you to create a personalized tribute page on our website. You can download your own photos and messages and share these with your family and friends, encouraging them to help you in your tribute. This can also be a pleasing way to share your memories of someone and ask others to include theirs. Funds raised through these methods help ensure more people get the assistance they are seeking, whether it be resources for the newly diagnosed, cooling vests, wheelchairs, much-needed information and much more.

For additional information on how to create a fitting tribute to someone you love, visit our website at Thank you for helping MSAA to fulfill its mission of being a leading resource for the entire MS community and for improving lives today!