MS Relapse Crossword Puzzle

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1. Clue: ____ equipment, such as vests, may help individuals with heat sensitivity
4. Clue: ____ tract infection is the most common type of infection to cause a pseudoexacerbation
5. Clue: When treatment is required, relapses are often treated with a high-dose course of powerful cortico ____ over a period of three to five days, usually by IV infusion
7. Clue: Also referred to as an exacerbation, attack, flare-up, episode, or bout


2. Clue: Acute physical symptoms and neurological signs must be present for at least 24 to 48 ____ to be considered a true relapse
3. Clue: Whom to call if your symptoms are severe or if they’ve continued more than a day or two
6. Clue: When symptoms flare, checking for a ____ is important, since even a minor infection and slight increase in temperature can cause symptoms to appear
8. Clue: Some people with MS have ____ sensitivity and will experience a temporary increase in symptoms when their body temperature rises
9. Clue: MSAA’s Relapse ____ Center at offers a wide variety of relapse information
10. Clue: Although not approved by the FDA specifically for MS relapses, ____ pheresis (also known as ____ exchange) and intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) are two other treatment options that are sometimes used for individuals who are experiencing a severe relapse and are not responding to other treatments
11. Clue: The protective covering that insulates the nerves of the central nervous system
12. Clue: A ____ exacerbation is a temporary worsening of symptoms without actual myelin inflammation or damage, brought on by other influences, i.e., infection or stress
13. Clue: During a relapse, inflammation occurs along the myelin, causing patients to have a temporary worsening or recurrence of existing ____ and/or the appearance of new ones

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