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MSAA’s Lending Library Selections

The Inward Empire: Mapping the Wilds of Mortality and Fatherhood The Inward Empire: Mapping the Wilds of Mortality and Fatherhood

by Christian Donlan
Little, Brown and Company | MSAA Book #433

This wonderful and heartfelt book provides fascinating insight into the symptoms and changes that occur with MS, as told by an award-winning journalist. The Inward Empire features “exquisite observations” of how the author’s world is evolving, the processes taking place within his body, and how his neurological decline contrasts with the neurological development of his young daughter, whom he cherishes. Described by reviewers as poetic and powerful … riveting and remarkable … this story is not only thought-provoking, but heartwarming, humorous, and meaningful.

But You Look So Good and Other Lies: A MemoirBut You Look So Good and Other Lies: A Memoir

by Cher Finver
Infinity Publishing | MSAA Book #431

In her debut book, author Cher Finver tells her personal story of abandonment, her family history of addictions and mental illness, as well as the realization that her life has been a lie. In spite of these virtually insurmountable challenges, not to mention the diagnosis of MS, Cher manages to land on her feet – becoming a devoted mother, loving wife, award-winning volunteer, and ultimately, a survivor. This book is both engaging and well-written. Please note that it does include adult themes and language.

Love Me NowLove Me Now

by Joanne T. Amoroso
Self-published | MSAA Book #432

In this profound story about caregiving, author Joanne Amoroso paints an inspirational picture of her daughter, Angela, through a collection of stories, letters, and cherished memories. At 16, Angela began traveling to several exotic countries, where she discovers that her true calling is in the field of art therapy. Although diagnosed with MS, Angela’s indomitable spirit, along with her family’s devotion and support, enabled her to live life to the fullest.

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