The Motivator – Summer/Fall 2018

Cover Story

Revealing the Mysteries behind Magnetic Resonance Imaging

By Jill Conway, MD, MA, MSCE
An overview of the MRI for individuals with MS – how it works, what it shows, the challenges it presents, and how the MRI is used to monitor disease activity.


CMSC’s Proposed 2018 Revised MRI Guidelines
The Safety of Contrast Agents
The Value, Development, and Future of Imaging Technology in MS: An Interview with Dr. Rohit Bakshi


Up Front

By Gina Ross Murdoch
MSAA’s President and CEO discusses our global Navigating MS initiative, our needs assessment survey, and more.

Ask the Doctor

By Jack Burks, MD
MSAA’s chief medical consultant answers questions sent in by readers.

Research News

By Susan Wells Courtney
Recent study findings are highlighted.

Program Notes

By Peter Damiri
MSAA’s Helpline achievements; new educational programs this fall.

Thoughts about Giving

By Erich Fasnacht and Kaitlyn Gallagher
Details are given about fundraising and how MSAA is improving lives.

Stories to Inspire

A young couple faces MS, but is able to experience a dream come true.

Spread the Word

Three books from MSAA’s free Lending Library are featured.

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