Up Front: In Appreciation of Volunteers

Photo of Douglas G. Franklin
Douglas G. Franklin

By Douglas G. Franklin
MSAA President and CEO

This time of year brings back-to-school and back-to-work to mind. Nowhere is this more important than recognizing the incredible work that volunteers perform to help make their communities better. I had the honor of serving for nine years on the Board of America’s Charities. Volunteering for this vital organization was a pleasure and a privilege.

To better explain why I was so driven to volunteer for America’s Charities, I want to provide some background information from their website. “America’s Charities was organized by a handful of charities looking for a better way to engage in workplace philanthropy… Our members help millions of people in thousands of local communities every day by providing services that protect children, promote health, ensure civil and human rights, broaden educational opportunities, protect animals, and protect the environment…among a broad variety of other critically needed services. America’s Charities is governed by an independent Board of Directors. Members of the Board are not compensated for their services. The Board includes corporate, charity and not-for-profit executives.”

And this is where I came in! You can see why I have such a strong interest in this organization, which helps to keep more than 140 vital charities funded – including MSAA – so they in turn may provide urgent programs and services to millions of people throughout the United States. To all of the volunteers and donors who help us to help others every day, a big thank you and shout out of sincere appreciation from all of us here at MSAA!

Doug Franklin joined MSAA as President & CEO in 1999. He has a distinguished career in nonprofit leadership and is a former national trainer in strategic planning for the Peter Drucker Foundation. A published international expert in social marketing and corporate social investment, he is a graduate of four universities and holds dual certifications in two professional associations. He currently serves on the National Board of the Key Philanthropic Organizations Committee of the American Society of Association Executives and as President of the Multiple Sclerosis Coalition.