The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America Launches New Website Features

The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) is pleased to announce new website additions including an MS Relapse Resource Center and chat feature to its award-winning website, As a leading resource for the entire multiple sclerosis (MS) community, MSAA developed these additions to provide easier access to vital information and assistance to individuals with MS, their care partners, and healthcare professionals.

The MS Relapse Resource Center provides detailed information on MS relapses and treatment options to help individuals with MS better understand relapses and how to best manage them. The MS Relapse Resource Center contains four main sections:

  • MS Relapse Overview – Provides information about relapses, treatments and side effects, plus strategies to reduce the occurrence of relapses.
  • Patient Relapse Tools – Includes helpful “at-a-glance” information, including questions and points to share with healthcare providers.
  • Relapse Media Center – Presents MSAA’s on-demand videos and webinars featuring top MS experts for both patients and nurses.
  • The Patient’s Voice – Allows individuals to take a relapse survey and learn about the opinions and experiences of others who have taken the survey.

In addition, MSAA has introduced an interactive one-on-one chat feature that allows individuals to have a live conversation with an experienced Client Services Consultant. All of MSAA’s Client Services Consultants are Master’s level social work and counseling professionals. They are available to assist individuals with MS by identifying and explaining programs offered by MSAA. They can also refer individuals to other resources and information that may be of help.

“I am proud of the strides MSAA has taken to provide valuable information and services to the entire MS community,” states MSAA President and CEO Douglas G. Franklin. “The addition of these new features strengthens our position as a leading resource for individuals with MS and their care partners.”

In addition to these two new website features, MSAA is proud to announce that we have been awarded a 2013 APEX Award for Publication Excellence for our webinar, The Treatment and Management of MS Exacerbations and a 2013 APEX Award for Publication Excellence for Most Improved Website, These add to the many awards received for both online and print materials.

The Treatment and Management of MS Exacerbations webinar presented by Dr. Ben Thrower provides detailed information about MS and treatment options. We invite you to learn more and view this award-winning webinar at

In February 2013, MSAA launched its new website, Notable highlights of include: a new homepage featuring an MS newsfeed and social media plugins; an updated About MS section; a new section titled Manage Your MS highlighting MSAA’s Shared Management Tools; and enhanced donation and volunteer sections.

For more information on the MS Relapse Resource Center, the chat feature, or any programs and services provided by MSAA, please contact Sarah Masino, community relations coordinator at (800) 532-7667, extension 122 or via email at You may also visit for information on any of the services mentioned.

About MSAA

The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) is a national nonprofit organization and leading resource for the entire MS community, improving lives today through vital services and support. MSAA provides free programs and services, such as: a Helpline with professional consultants; award-winning publications, including MSAA’s magazine, The Motivator; MSAA’s nationally recognized website (at, featuring award-winning educational videos and research updates; S.E.A.R.C.H.™ program to assist the MS community with learning about different treatment choices; a mobile phone app, My MS Manager™ (named one of the best multiple sclerosis iPhone & Android apps by; a resource database, My MS Resource Locator; safety and mobility equipment distribution; cooling accessories for heat-sensitive individuals; educational events held across the country; MRI funding; and more. For additional information, please visit or call (800) 532-7667.

About Multiple Sclerosis

The most common neurological disorder diagnosed in young adults, multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. This disorder damages or destroys the protective covering (known as myelin) surrounding the nerves, causing reduced communication between the brain and nerve pathways. Common symptoms include visual problems, overwhelming fatigue, difficulty with balance and coordination, and various levels of impaired mobility. MS is not contagious or fatal.