A very common symptom of MS is numbness, often in the limbs or across the body, but it could be experienced anywhere. Numbness is divided into four categories and ranges from the feeling of pins and needles to a burning sensation. Some people can even experience a complete loss of sensation, but this is rarely the case for someone with MS.

Numbness and other sensory symptoms tend to come and go for most people are usually temporary. Other conditions aside from MS can cause numbness, so individuals experiencing this symptom should contact their doctor to make sure no other condition is involved. When caused by MS, numbness is typically harmless, often producing little or no pain. Medications are not typically prescribed for this condition unless it becomes painful or dysesthetic (pain when skin is touched).

Types of Numbness

Treatments for Numbness

Updated in May 2024 by Dr. Barry Hendin, MSAA Chief Medical Officer

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