MS Hug

An “MS hug” is an unpredictable and often frightening symptom experienced by many people with MS. The MS hug typically feels like a very strong and sometimes painful squeezing around the torso, although the types of sensations it causes, the severity, and the duration, can all vary greatly.

Various factors may be involved with the MS hug. It may be caused by damage to the nerves, by a muscle spasm occurring with muscles found between the ribs, or by common triggers for MS symptoms, such as overheating, stress, fatigue, or illness and infection. Treatments can include medications, various “home remedies” (wearing tight or loose clothing, applying heat, using relaxation techniques, etc.), and lifestyle changes to minimize its occurrence.

Symptoms of an MS hug

Causes of an MS hug

Treatments for an MS hug

Editor’s note: The details provided in this article are for informational purposes only. Readers are strongly urged to see their physician before making any changes to their treatment regimen.

Written by Susan Wells Courtney, MSAA Senior Writer and Creative Director
Reviewed and edited by Barry A. Hendin, MD, MSAA Chief Medical Officer 

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