Mobility and Walking Issues

MS can affect one’s ability to move freely and easily. Fluctuations in mobility can often occur with MS, and these limitations can lead to falls and other safety issues. Mobility is impacted by several factors, including heat sensitivity, fatigue, weakness, and balance problems.

Exercise and physical activity can help to reduce problems with mobility. Mobility aids can improve walking and balance, and environmental modifications can also increase safety and independence. Consulting a physical therapist who is experienced with MS can greatly assist with improving both mobility and safety, which ultimately improves one’s quality of life.


Exercise and Physical Activity for People with MS of All Ability Levels

Mobility Aids for Walking and Balance

Environmental Modifications

Other Mobility Considerations

Closing Notes

Information updated September 2023 by Mandy Rohrig, PT, DPT, MSCS, Can Do Multiple Sclerosis
Original content by Patricia G. Provance, PT, MSCS

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