Anxiety disorders are frequently overlooked and often undetected. It is one of the most taxing and under-treated psychological effects of living with MS. Researchers suspect that anxiety in MS results from both the disease process, causing changes within the brain, in combination with social consequences and uncertainties associated with living with MS.

Several disorders and a wide range of symptoms fall under the category of anxiety. Some of the difficulties associated with anxiety disorders are how to detect it, how to reduce it, and how to live with it. Fortunately, several screening tools are available to assess levels of anxiety in MS. Both medication as well as psychotherapy, which includes a number of stress-reduction techniques, are effective treatments for this challenging symptom.

Anxiety in MS: Frequently Overlooked and Undetected

The Symptoms of Anxiety

Assessing and Treating Anxiety

Updated in July 2023 by Dr. Barry Hendin, MSAA Chief Medical Officer
Original content by Dr. Miriam Franco MSW, PsyD, MSCS

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