Multiple Sclerosis Introduction

MS Overview: IntroductionMultiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable disorder that can cause a variety of symptoms, which for many, can flare-up and then subside over the course of days, months, or even years. While MS is not contagious, its causes are not yet fully understood and researchers continue to search for answers.

MS is most frequently diagnosed in young adults, although individuals of any age may be diagnosed with this neurological condition. People who are not familiar with MS can easily be confused by its name and its unique symptoms. Particularly with today’s approved treatments and wellness strategies, most individuals with MS are able to live a full and productive life, with much hope for the future.

If you are reading this information for the first time, you may know someone who was recently diagnosed, or perhaps you are experiencing the symptoms of MS but have not yet been diagnosed and want to learn more. While the symptoms vary greatly – from visual changes to numbness, and from bladder issues to fatigue or depression – many individuals may feel relieved to know that early in the disease course, these symptoms are often temporary for the majority of patients.

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