If You Have Children, What Should You Tell Them about MS?

Newly Diagnosed: If You Have Children, What Should You Tell Them?Being honest and open with your children is the best plan. They know when you are secretive or elusive and that becomes more frightening, coupled with the keen ability of a child’s imagination. Remember that a child’s attention span is short. Find out what your child already knows and then share pieces of basic information in an age-appropriate way as tolerated during the course of several days or weeks.

Explain to your child that you are still the same person. Families are always evolving and changing, just like life, but family members can support one another and overcome obstacles. By sharing your experiences in coping with MS, you are teaching your child about the journey of life. Be sure to emphasize support systems like extended family, teachers, and friends who really care. Children learn that families can work together to solve problems and move beyond a crisis.

MSAA offers two children’s books, Mommy’s Story and Daddy’s Story, both of which address this important and delicate subject. These books are suitable for children ages three to seven.

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