Section 6: COVID-19 Resources


COVID-19 Resources

The following are a list of trusted resources for COVID-19 facts and updates:

  • WHO – World Health Organization COVID-19 information
  • CDC –Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 information
  • FDA – U.S. Food & Drug Administration COVID-19 Educational Resources
    • FDA’s COVID-19 FAQ
  • NIH – National Institutes of Health COVID-19 Research
  • AAN – American Academy of Neurology COVID-19 Resource
  • NYT – New York Times dedicated COVID-19 pandemic news
  • WaPo – Washington Post dedicated coronavirus news
  • COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool to see what the infection rate is in your area. This tool is a collaborative project by the Georgia Institute of Technology, Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory, and Stanford University.
  • ASPR – Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response 

Updates on COVID-19 variants of interest or concern:

  • WHO variant tracker
  • CDC variant data tracker