Raymond Schnell

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Raymond Schnell – Levittown, NY

Kurt Cobain, Lead singer, and member of Nirvana. When I saw a photo of Kurt, I knew right away I wanted to paint Kurt. While painting Kurt, I listened to music by Nirvana that I hadn’t done before and found out more about Kurt’s issues and struggles. While Kurt’s and anyone else’s struggles vary, pain and suffering hurt and are horrible. It is my hope that those who suffer and are struggling receive the loving support they need.

MonSter Inflammation, after seeing many MS related photos, I feel inspired to try my best to explain MS Orange representing inflammation causing Multiple Symptoms and blue and green representing damaged fiber optic nerves.

Lessionhead, in this painting, there are five lesions in the brain and two in the spine. Orange represents inflammation causing Multiple Symptoms.

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

MonSter Inflammation

Monster Inflammation