Alexandra Coogan

2021 MSAA Art Showcase Entrants

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Alexandra Coogan – La Pine, OR

I grew up in Fresno, CA, where I lived near the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I fell in love with mountains, lakes, trees, rocks, and creatures who inhabited the forest and most of all the patterns of light that affected the magical atmosphere in the wilderness. My parents sent me to Europe when I was 17. I started drinking coffee there, not knowing that I was allergic to it. One year later I had my first MS symptoms during a very hot, hot summer. The symptoms subsided until I was age 48 when I had my first major experience of MS. At that time, I was going through a divorce which was extremely stressful which contributed to the exaggeration of the MS symptoms.

Art has been my friend since I was a child. I drew and wrote poetry all of my childhood. This has evolved into painting landscapes that explore both representation of form and abstraction of interiors. My motivation is to represent the microcosms of energy that live within the form. In this way I explore the connections between permanence and impermanence. This question informs me of my basic vulnerability in life.

MS has taught me patience which has allowed me to focus on minute details within landscape. MS has taught me about my vulnerability and informed me about both impermanence and permanence. These are healthy lessons bringing me to a humility and daily awareness of Presence and a connection to my community. I live in gratitude.

Ponderosa Pine Bark
Iris Photo at Dominican University

Silver Snow at Little River
Silver Snow at Little River

Snowy Day at Little River
Snowy Day at Little River