Framing the Discussion

How to S.E.A.R.C.H.™ for the Right MS Therapy for You!While the issue of treatment adherence continues to gain awareness and momentum, MSAA also recognizes the complexity of the situation. Healthcare providers continue to encourage their patients to become more health-literate and to take an active, decision-making role in selecting a treatment. In doing so, an extraordinary number of factors need to be considered when choosing an appropriate MS therapy or switching from one DMT to another.

Among the numerous questions to consider include: What are the therapies? Am I a candidate? What should I know about each one? How will my body react to taking one of these medications? How are the different medications administered? What about the costs or insurance? Once I have begun taking a DMT, how do I know if the one I am prescribed is working?

These and other important considerations require ongoing conversations with your doctor and other healthcare professionals. The treatment decision for each patient is unique and must be addressed individually between the person and his or her healthcare team. Additionally, patients must recognize the need to prioritize their issues, questions, and concerns in order to maximize the time with their doctor and healthcare team.

With so much information to remember, organize, and prioritize, MSAA recognized the need to help frame these important discussions and created “S.E.A.R.C.H.™”

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