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Book Cover 1Lean on Me

Written by Nancy Davis, of Race to Erase MS
Published by Fireside Books

MSAA Book #419

When author Nancy Davis was diagnosed with MS at age 33, she decided to take control through education, a healthy lifestyle, a positive outlook, and becoming her own health advocate. In her book, she tells her story and offers a step-by-step guide to empower others. Through her work with Race to Erase MS, Nancy is the founder of Center Without Walls, a national medical research foundation, and has assisted with raising millions of dollars for MS research.

Book Cover 2Multiple Sclerosis: Understanding the Cognitive Challenges

Written by Nicholas LaRocca, PhD and Rosalind Kalb, PhD
Published by Demos Medical Publishing

MSAA Book #325

This valuable resource provides an in-depth look at how cognition may be affected by MS, the social and emotional impact of cognitive issues, as well as research, assessment, and strategies for treating this often-challenging symptom. Written by two clinical psychologists, this insightful book emphasizes that people with cognitive issues are not alone, and that many others have found ways to manage and cope with this symptom.

Book Cover 3Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis, Second edition

Written by Jeffrey N. Gingold
Published by Demos Health

MSAA Book #404

In this book, the author explains how he came to find that he had MS and how he tried to conceal and cope with cognitive and other issues. Mr. Gingold talks first-hand about unexpectedly encountering a lapse in memory, an inability to recall words, or finding himself lost on a familiar road. He includes details about the other symptoms, consulting doctors, undergoing tests, taking medication, and eventually retiring from his active law practice. This resource is well written and entertaining, offering valuable tips at the end of each chapter.

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