Program Notes: Keep Cool This Summer

by Peter Damiri
Senior Director of Programs

Spring is a time for all to enjoy the warmer, more-pleasant temperatures. Unfortunately, the hot and humid conditions of summer will quickly follow. As one of our most popular and longstanding services, the MSAA Cooling Equipment Program offers a variety of ice-pack vests and accessories to help lessen heat sensitivity and allow people to spend time outdoors, enjoying family gatherings, gardening, and a variety of fun, summer activities. To help meet our client’s needs, cooling products also include smaller, lightweight vests that are easily hidden for discreet use and comfortable to wear while at work, play, or participating in your favorite exercise.

As the summer temperatures begin to rise, so do the requests for cooling applications. To avoid possible delays due to high demand, MSAA encourages you to apply now before the summer cooling rush is upon us. If you are interested in receiving cooling items and have not received products from MSAA within the past five years, please download the Cooling Equipment application from or request a mailed copy by calling (800) 532-7667, extension 130.

Watch Our New Video about MS Relapses

Managing the unpredictability of multiple sclerosis is always challenging, especially for individuals with relapsing forms of the disease. When new symptoms appear or existing symptoms become worse, successful management involves accurately defining the relapse and understanding the best method of treatment.

Recognizing the need for additional awareness on this topic, MSAA is proud to announce the completion of its latest educational on-demand video, titled: A Closer Look at The Importance of Treating and Managing MS Relapses. Supported by an educational grant from Questcor Pharmaceuticals, this 40-minute video features neurologist and MS expert Dr. Stephen Krieger of Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. In this relaxed, conversational- style interview, Dr. Krieger provides valuable insights into understanding the signs and symptoms of an MS relapse, guidance on when to discuss the onset of a flare up with a neurologist, and a thorough explanation of the various treatment options including steroids and other medications.

The video is now posted to the Multiple Sclerosis Information (MSi) section of the MSAA website and features a downloadable PDF transcript of the program. To view this new program along with other informative on-demand videos and archived webinars from the MSi library, please visit

Visit and Stay Well

Earlier this year, MSAA launched our completely redesigned and updated website: Our new website is not only more user-friendly, but also reflects our philosophy behind our shared-management programs. Including such programs as My MS Manager™ and My MS Resource Locator, these programs are designed to assist the patient and healthcare provider in working together to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

This comprehensive site features new sections and enhancements that provide more information, vital tools, and easier access for the entire MS community. Among the many new additions, our website includes a section titled “Overall Wellness.”

Overall wellness is important for everyone – with or without a condition such as multiple sclerosis (MS). For individuals who are diagnosed with MS, taking care of your body and mind is vital to feeling and performing at your very best. In this section, MSAA offers a wealth of information on topics such as diet, exercise, women’s and men’s health, emotional support, complementary and alternative therapies, and many other subjects.

MSAA invites you to learn more about the “Overall Wellness” section as well as additional features to our exciting new website by visiting