The Motivator – Summer/Fall 2019

Cover Story

Pediatric MS

By Tom Garry
Once considered very rare, the number of children diagnosed with MS has been consistently on the rise. This article explains how pediatric MS differs from MS in adults, how it is diagnosed and treated, and how social and emotional well-being is promoted.


Up Front

By Gina Ross Murdoch
MSAA’s President and CEO talks about new professionals joining the organization and MSAA’s upcoming 50th anniversary.

Ask the Doctor

Barry A. Hendin, MD
MSAA’s Chief Medical Officer answers questions sent in by readers.

Research News

By Susan Wells Courtney and Tom Garry
Highlights in MS research are presented.

Program Notes

By Peter Damiri
This issue’s column features MSAA’s educational materials and programs.

Thoughts about Giving

By Erich Fasnacht and Kaitlyn Gallagher
Vital fundraising initiatives and opportunities are highlighted.

Spread the Word

Five books from MSAA’s free Lending Library are featured.


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