Up Front: New Program Initiatives

Photo of Douglas G. Franklin
Douglas G. Franklin

By Douglas G. Franklin
MSAA President and CEO

New, Vital Programs …
Made Possible By Your Support

At MSAA, we are working on several program initiatives to help individuals with MS access timely and vital information. One of these projects, My Health Insurance Guide, is a specific section on our website dedicated to the rules and changes related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare, and other insurance options. More details on this web-based initiative can be found in the Program Notes column on page 42 of this issue.

I’m also pleased to report on a collaborative project with the MS Coalition (MSC). All eight member organizations of the MSC, including MSAA, recently developed a paper for healthcare professionals. Titled “The Use of Disease-Modifying Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis: Principles and Current Evidence,” this detailed writing summarizes the current evidence supporting the FDA-approved disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) for the long-term treatment of MS. The document was distributed at the recent ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS meeting. A layperson’s version of the paper will be available later this year, at which time MSAA will post the article on our website.

And speaking of later this year, we are fast-approaching our annual end-of-year events and activities! Please watch for our fun Thanksgiving eCard election, where individuals may vote online for their favorite electronic greeting card. This is followed by a full selection of free December eCards to send to family and friends.

This is also a time when we depend on special donations to help fund our urgent programs and services. During the upcoming holiday season, please be sure to add MSAA to your gift list. On behalf of everyone at MSAA, I would like to thank you for your generous contributions that enable MSAA to continue improving lives today through vital services and support.

Doug Franklin joined MSAA as President & CEO in 1999. He has a distinguished career in nonprofit leadership and is a former national trainer in strategic planning for the Peter Drucker Foundation. A published international expert in social marketing and corporate social investment, he is a graduate of four universities and holds dual certifications in two professional associations. He currently serves on the National Board of the Key Philanthropic Organizations Committee of the American Society of Association Executives and as President of the Multiple Sclerosis Coalition.