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Book Cover 1Optimal Health with Multiple Sclerosis

Written by Allen C. Bowling, MD, PhD
Published by Demos Health

MSAA Book #354

For many years, Dr. Allen Bowling has been a prolific writer of books on treating MS – many of which feature complementary and alternative medicine – as well as details on conventional medicine and symptom management. In his latest book, Dr. Bowling provides a seven-step guide to integrating lifestyle, alternative, and conventional medicine.

Every major symptom of MS is addressed, along with research and information on various types of harmful conditions (such as alcohol, smoking, and toxins) and countless forms of alternative therapies (this includes biofeedback, homeopathy, pets, and supplements, to name a few). This enormous resource is extremely reader-friendly and each section includes lists of books and articles for additional reading. In addition to borrowing this book from MSAA’s free Lending Library, this book may also be purchased through www.demoshealth.com/store.

Book Cover 2MS Madness!

Written by Yvonne deSousa
Published by SDP Publishing

MSAA Book #411

Subtitled “A ‘Giggle More, Cry Less’ Story of Multiple Sclerosis,” MS Madness! is an enjoyable book for anyone looking to uncover the lighter side of MS. Authored by a woman with MS, the story is written in a conversational tone, connecting the reader with her many unique encounters and entertaining perspectives. Ms. deSousa takes readers on her journey through her daily events, including her relationships, school and work, doctor visits, and much more, all while sharing her comical thoughts on how she interprets the sometimes bizarre situations.

When the pharmacist refuses to give her a large prescription of Vitamin D at one time – making her return to the pharmacy every few days – she wonders if he thought she was going to try to sell it illegally to “unsuspecting folks who were already drinking their fair share [of Vitamin D] in their milk.” Not only can members of the MS community relate to her physical, cognitive, and emotional ups and downs, but readers will find themselves laughing out loud throughout the book. In addition to borrowing this book from MSAA’s free Lending Library, this book may be purchased through www.amazon.com.

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