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Book Cover 1The Can Do Multiple Sclerosis

Guide to Lifestyle Empowerment
Edited by Patricia Kennedy, RN, CNP, MSCN
Published by Demos Health

MSAA Book #12

The staff at Can Do Multiple Sclerosis has put together this wonderful book to empower individuals with their organization’s message of “You are more than your MS.” Each chapter, written by experts in the field of MS, addresses a different aspect of the whole person, whole health, and whole community approach to living with MS. With topics such as motivating and goal setting, symptom management, physical activity, eating well, and caring for total health, this book provides a foundation to determine what you can do to maximize your health and quality of life.

Book Cover 2A Patient’s Perspective – Tips for Your Doctor Visits and More

Written and published by Patricia Cyr
MSAA Book #16

The author of this valuable resource has coped with her own chronic illnesses for more than 25 years. Over the years she kept notes about each of her medical appointments and procedures, and from these notes, has written this book. Cyr covers such important topics as appointment issues and obstacles upon arrival, meeting with the doctor, invisible illness, taking tests, clerical errors, having surgeries performed, physical therapy, legal issues, and more.

Book Cover 322 Accessible Road Trips: Driving Vacations for Wheelers and Slow Walkers

Written by Candy B. Harrington
Published by Demos Health

MSAA Book #20

Author Candy Harrington has a wealth of experience with accessible travel, having completed several books on the topic, along with writing for magazines, speaking at conferences, and conducting workshops. This new book talks about the advantages of road travel and provides numerous road trip tips and resources. The chapters cover road travel within different regions of the United States, highlighted by helpful details and many beautiful (black and white) photos.

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