Fred D. Lublin, MD, FAAN

Photo of Fred D. Lublin, MD, FAAN

Saunders Family Professor of Neurology
Director, Corinne Goldsmith Dickinson Center for Multiple Sclerosis
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York

…on the development of disease-modifying therapies


“The field of MS therapeutics has been at the leading edge of innovative research into the treatment of neurologic illness. Having nine disease-modifying agents, and a full pipeline of newer molecules that may prove successful in the treatment of MS, have transformed the care of MS.

“We have developed successful clinical trial designs that have provided the validated evidence of efficacy (proof of effectiveness) that is critical for moving the field forward. We will leverage our past and current successes into better future therapies for MS. These include the treatment of progressive disease and the development of strategies for repair of the damaged central nervous system (CNS).

“Several late-phase clinical trials aimed at treating progressive forms of MS are currently underway, as is the early-phase testing of stem cells for potential repair of damaged nerves. New initiatives in treating the symptoms of MS have also yielded encouraging results. Overall, the future for improving the lives of individuals with MS has never looked brighter.”

As a neuroimmunologist, Dr. Fred D. Lublin has a special interest in immune functions and abnormalities affecting the CNS. He is currently involved with several new clinical research protocols on promising agents for treating MS. He has been either a member or chair of many MS committees, professional societies, and advisory boards. Dr. Lublin has published numerous scientific articles and is the co-chief editor of the new journal, Multiple Sclerosis and Related Diseases. He has served as a consultant to the NIH and to many pharmaceutical/biotech companies in all phases of new drug development. He is the principal investigator of the NIH-sponsored multicenter Combination Therapy study in MS.