Finding a Therapist

As mentioned earlier, the most successful treatment plan is to seek counseling in conjunction with a prescribed drug therapy. A variety of professionals are specifically trained to help those suffering from depression. Working with a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, psychiatric nurse, family therapist, or counselor can provide you and your loved ones with the guidance and support needed to help work through your depression.

These professionals can provide objective insight and concrete coping skills to help manage the symptoms of depression. A therapist may become one of the most important team players in assisting with the management of this debilitating disorder. Therefore, finding the right match for your specific needs is imperative. For those who have never worked with a mental health professional, one may feel a certain amount of anxiety over picking up the phone and beginning the process.

To follow are some points one should consider before starting the search for an appropriate therapist. Since a therapist may become a key player on one’s treatment team, doing some research in advance may prove to be beneficial, before selecting the therapist that is right for you.

Your neurologist or physician should be able to give some referrals to mental health providers. MS organizations, support group participants, and/or friends and family may also be able to offer recommendations. Understanding the differences between the types of professionals that offer counseling services is helpful as you begin the selection process.

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