Financial Considerations

Therapy can be expensive. Fees can range from $60 to more than $200 per hour, depending on where the patient lives and the professional credentials of the practitioner. If the patient has medical insurance, the insurer should be contacted directly to determine if any of the costs are covered for the specific therapist selected. Questions to ask the insurer include: what is the yearly deductible, how much will the company pay per visit, and how many visits are allowed each year.

If finances are an obstacle to treatment, other options may be available. Individuals may talk with their church, the city or county public health department, social service agencies, or an MS organization, to see if any of these agencies have programs which provide financial assistance and/or low-cost counseling. Some therapists offer a sliding-scale fee based on income. If the patient has Medicare or Medicaid, a mental health benefit may be available to pay for therapy. Exploring these avenues can sometimes uncover more affordable options.

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