For Healthcare Professionals Only: Shared Decision-Making in MS: Focus on Cognition (videos)

These educational programs are aimed at healthcare professionals (HCPs) and focus on shared decision-making (SDM) while discussing cognitive impairment (CI) in MS.

Shared Decision-Making

This educational program on SDM, focusing on CI, will teach HCPs skills to more efficiently and effectively: (1) connect with patients; (2) co-construct meaningful illness narratives; and (3) collaborate on action planning for care. This will help HCPs uncover CI earlier, understand their patients more completely, and better collaborate for improved outcomes.

Introduced by Annette F. Okai, MD, board-certified MS neurologist, the following video series focuses on the importance of evaluating cognitive impairment in MS and how to adequately discuss and optimally address in a neurology clinic and beyond. The series looks at this unmet need: early detection of cognitive impairment in MS, which can lead to early intervention and, ultimately, better outcomes for the patient.

Dr. Annette Okai, Neurologist and MS expert,
introduces the importance of shared decision-making in MS

A non-shared decision-making approach
to the patient with MS in the neurology clinic

A shared decision-making approach to
the patient with MS in the neurology clinic

Please note: these videos have been produced as a joint collaboration between
Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) and the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA).