Cognitive Changes

Roughly half of the MS population will experience some type of change in their cognitive abilities during the course of their disease. The most commonly affected cognitive processes in MS are speed-of-information processing, memory, and executive functions.

Changes in cognitive abilities typically are clinically considered mild-to-moderate in severity, although even mild changes can be annoying and irritating in day-to-day functioning. A number of strategies may be used to assist with problems in memory, and certain medications may also be of help, although more research is needed.

Cognitive Changes with MS

Strategies to Help Cope with Cognitive Issues

Cognitive Testing and Rehabilitation

Other Options to Protect or Improve Cognition in MS

Editor’s note: The details provided in this article are for informational purposes only. Readers are strongly urged to see their physician before making any changes to their treatment regimen.

Reviewed and edited by Pat Bednarik, MS, CCC-SLP, MSCS
Speech-Language Pathologist
Multiple Sclerosis Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

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