Multiple Sclerosis Information for the Newly Diagnosed

Newly Diagnosed - What Does Newly Diagnosed Mean?What Does “Newly Diagnosed” with MS Mean?

This section provides important information for individuals who are newly diagnosed and links to educational videos.

Newly Diagnosed - Encouraging Information about MSEncouraging Information about MS

This section gives details on research ongoing around the world, as well as MSAA’s vital programs and services to help individuals with MS.

Newly Diagnosed - Things You Can DoThings You Can Do to Help Adjust to MS

From preparing for medical appointments to joining a support group, this section gives useful tips to help individuals adjust to their new diagnosis.

Newly Diagnosed - Including Your Family and FriendsHelping Your Family and Friends Understand MS

This section explains how someone with MS may be misunderstood, along with strategies for better communication.

Newly Diagnosed - If You Have Children, What Should You Tell Them?If You Have Children, What Should You Tell Them about MS?

This section notes the importance of talking honestly about MS, while also providing valuable resources.

Newly Diagnosed - Developing a Plan is KeyDeveloping a Plan for MS is Key

In this section, learn about planning ahead and working together with healthcare providers.

Newly Diagnosed - Employment Concerns - Things to ConsiderEmployment Concerns with MS – Things to Consider

Please see this section for information and resources related to employment and MS.

Newly Diagnosed - For More Information and SupportFor More MS Information and Support

Please see this section for contact information and options for receiving vital information and support through MSAA.