Jan Huff

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Jan Huff – Pearland, TX

I believe that I was born with an artist’s soul. For as long as I can remember, I have loved the performing and visual arts. I first started dancing as a little girl outside in the yard to the sounds of nature. My older sister introduced me to rock and roll, and that was when my soul really took off, and I eventually became a professional modern ballet dancer.

My impetus for creating art is derived from nature, people, and current events that I am emotionally moved by. After my MS Diagnosis, my doctor referred me to Art League Houston’s Healing Art Program where I have an opportunity to show my work.

All my works are narrative taking on human characteristics whether it be animals, nature, or architecture. Although I have worked with most mediums, I prefer working in oils. I am not a fast painter but working in oil gives me time to blend the paint. Now I find painting therapeutic, and it has helped my cognitive skills greatly.

Here’s to a Soaring Spirit

Here's to a Soaring Spirit

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I Was a Flower Today

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The Joint's a Jumpin