2019 MSAA MS Ability Art Showcase Artist of the Month


Natalie Shumylo – West Allis, WI

I am an artist from upstate New York that just happens to have been diagnosed with RRMS at the age of 17. I tend to introduce myself as an artist first because I want the world to see that first. I only tell people about the MS if it comes up organically since I really don’t want people to only see that. I want to really be known for my art. MS is just a small facet of my being.

I am a survivor of poverty, and domestic abuse, as well as MS. I feel that many people can relate to my work since it addresses issues that affect much more than the community directly affected by MS.

I tend to concentrate on the obscured and or hidden cross section of society and shed a little light on the unspoken and underrepresented aspects of society that I feel I am a part of. My work tends to have a very dark under tone at first glance, but when that viewer takes time to “listen to the story” I am trying to tell on the canvas, the darkness gets a little brighter.

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Running Late
Running Late