2019 MSAA MS Ability Art Showcase Artist of the Month


Debbie Parker – Danielsville, GA

I was diagnosed with MS in January of 2017. For years I had symptoms that were diagnosed as many different things, but no one got to the root of the problem. Finally around Christmas of 2016 my neck was hurting so badly that I went to see my doctor. She sent me to get an MRI that revealed my many scars on my brain and the extensive scarring on my spinal cord. I was easy to diagnose, they said, because I had so much damage. But since treatment began my scarring has shrunk in size and I feel much better!

Sometimes I have felt too tired to do much of anything, but when I create my artwork I feel relaxed and fulfilled. I have always believed that God wants us to take care of this beautiful world He created, so I like to take items that people are going to discard and recycle them, giving them a new life as a fine art piece! I also love to make pottery and I sell them on Etsy to give me money to buy more art supplies. My husband has been my biggest cheerleader. He even made me a pottery wheel out of an old treadmill and wood! I am thankful to God for providing for me to do my art and for my husband and two sons who help me in every way they can!

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Strutting His Stuff
Strutting His Stuff