Judy Oberto – Seattle, WA

2018 MSAA Four Seasons Art Showcase Entrants

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Judy Oberto – Seattle, WA

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. My mom always told me I was just like her mother who was “slow, artistic, had beautiful skin and had MS”. Since I was over 50, I was breathing a sigh of relief that I had missed the MS part. Then at 57, in 2002, I was diagnosed with MS. Like most I assumed I would be in a wheelchair very soon. The diagnosis did prompt some major changes in our life, including a move to a more accessible house in a lovely area near Hood Canal, WA. I am 72 now, and I am happy to say, MS has not affected my mobility or dexterity very much.

My mom’s statement about being artistic was true also. Over the years, wherever I worked, or went to church, my art and calligraphy skills were put to good use. Eventually I was running a small graphics business out of our home. When we refinished our basement rec room at our old house and needed some pictures for the walls, I taught myself to paint. Later I did take some drawing and oil painting classes at the community college. After we moved over here to the canal, I set up a studio in the rec room and dabbled in watercolors. I am planning on doing more painting in the near future.

But I keep very busy administering websites I created along with three Facebook pages, one for our homeowners’ community, one for family genealogy, and one begun by a dear friend with PPMS many, many years ago. My husband of 53 years and myself now travel south in the winter in our RV. We have two grown children, three granddaughters and one great grandson that all live in the area.

There’s a Butterfly on my Petunias
There's a Butterfly on my Petunias