2017 MSAA MS Ability Art Showcase Artist of the Month


Jennifer Attwood – Parker, CO

My Life really took a turn sideways in 2007 diagnosis with MS! I painted those Bears when I was still an ART Teacher in the 90’s…but I still paint and draw, for my creativity will never die within me! I have written and illustrated a children’s book and I enjoy creatures of the Ocean SO much that I have a saltwater aquarium now too. The Alizarin Crimson Octopus. I Love to illustrate and paint Watercolors because it’s not expensive and gives me a free Spirit of letting ALL the Pain go too. I am still the girl who had a passion for Horses, Hiking and Fishing, even though I can’t do those things anymore? I live in Colorado with my husband Edward, who instills my love of life completely! Giving up is not any option I will take! Neither should anyone with MS.

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