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Navigating MS is a global initiative designed to improve outcomes for people with MS through the global adoption of strategies that optimize therapeutic decision-making and improve the way that healthcare professionals, patients and care partners communicate around benefit and risk. Over the past 20 years, our approach to managing MS has evolved dramatically. We now have a greater insight into the early damage caused by MS, as well as the tools to monitor that damage. Additionally, we currently have effective therapies that alter the course of the disease, and we can evaluate the safety and efficacy of therapies in individual patients. We also know the risks of opting out of treatment and of non-compliance. While the research strongly supports all of this, the translation of this research is not happening as a standard best practice of care between healthcare professionals, patients and care partners.

Navigating MS is comprised of more than 40 leading MS neurologists, nurses, physical therapists, and MS patient advocacy organizations from the United States, Europe and Australia, with a shared goal of helping to improve the way that healthcare professionals, patients and care partners effectively communicate about benefits, risks and the overall management of MS.

The international Navigating MS Steering Committee has published a position statement titled Optimizing Communication in the Evolving Multiple Sclerosis Benefit:Risk Landscape. This publication highlights effective communication and shared decision-making as key focus areas to guide fully informed treatment decisions in MS.

To learn more about the initiative and to get involved, please know that more information is coming soon.