MSAA’s 50th Anniversary

MSAA 50th Anniversary logoFounded in 1970, MSAA is marking its 50th anniversary in 2020 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the multiple sclerosis community and Improving Lives Today through vital services and support. Please join us in honoring this milestone by participating in these special 50th anniversary initiatives.

First, we’d like to share…

MSAA 50/50 Challenge

To help mark our 50th anniversary, MSAA developed two 50-word “Word Clouds” from your collective feedback and will feature them in print and online promotions throughout 2020. They are:

The Improving Lives Today Word Cloud

Improving Lives Today Word Cloud

This word cloud features 50 words that reflect your collective experiences with MSAA and completes the statement: “I find MSAA to be…”
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The Building Up Hope Word Cloud

Building Up Hope Word Cloud

This word cloud features 50 words of strength and unity for the MS community and completes the statement: “I find the key to thriving despite my MS is…”
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To read more about the history of MSAA, please click here.

MSAA 50th anniversary benefit

MSAA’s 50th Anniversary Benefit


Due to the concerns associated with COVID-19, MSAA has decided to postpone the Improving Lives Benefit until Spring 2021.

For more information, contact Erich Fasnacht at (800) 532-7667 ext. 101 or


Watch highlights from the 2019 Improving Lives Benefit:

#MSAA50 on Instagram

MSAA is planning to post 50 photos of our clients in 50 weeks on social media to recognize our 50th anniversary! We invite you to join in – share a photo of yourself along with a caption that explains why you support MSAA and the MS community and tag us using #MSAA50. Who knows, you may be highlighted on MSAA’s social media platforms!

“During my 48 years as a neurologist, I have seen so many strides and positive advancements in multiple sclerosis research and treatment – from not having any disease-modifying therapies, to the approval of more than 20 long-term medications. The majority of people with MS today are living life more fully, with significantly less disability. I am grateful to be a part of MSAA and to serve as their chief medical officer. MSAA directly impacts the lives of people with MS through so many of their programs – including MRI funding, cooling accessories for people with heat sensitivity, equipment to improve safety and mobility, and a variety of educational opportunities. MSAA is dedicated to answering the needs of people with MS, and the staff at MSAA share the highest ideals of what it takes to provide this vital assistance to the MS community.” - Dr. Barry Hendin for #MSAA50
[ID: A photograph of Dr. Barry Hendin with a blue border and MSAA’s logo in the bottom right corner.]

“An MS diagnosis is a shock to not only the individual with MS, but to the family as well. Thankfully, MSAA is a vital lifeline to help us all adjust to these changes and live our best lives." - Cat Tsigakos for Week Twenty-One of #MSAA50 ...

“I am honored to support MSAA for many different reasons, but all are tied to a single concept: love. I love the fact that MSAA is dedicated to serving the MS community at large — those struggling with the disease as well as those supporting and caring for those with the MS diagnosis. I love the leaders and staff of MSAA because they faithfully carry out the mission designed to Improve Lives Today for the MS community. I love the enthusiasm and generosity of those who now serve and who have served on the Board of Directors of MSAA to assist with the implementation of MSAA’s vision. I love the generous financial support offered to MSAA by individuals and companies as those dollars are the heartbeat necessary to fulfill the mission of MSAA. And I love the fact that MSAA really cares about the people in the MS community that it serves. MSAA is the personification of love at work.” - Former MSAA Board of Directors Member and Chair, Jim Anderson, Esq. representing Week Twenty of #MSAA50 ...

“I am a caregiver to my incredible mom who has MS. I truly believe it's what I was put on this earth to do. I support MSAA because of their constant support, compassion, and generosity they provide to the MS community. Not only do they help the individual with MS, but they support the caregivers, the family, and the loved ones affected by MS. MS touches the lives of everyone around the person living with MS, and I am grateful for an organization that recognizes that. As a caregiver, I cannot express how appreciative I am for all the support I am given. I never feel alone or hopeless when there's an organization like MSAA around. Thank you to the moon and back!" - @youkeepmesmyelin representing Week Nineteen of #MSAA50 ...

“I've had MS for over 20 yrs. I currently have a progressing form of the disease. Some may ask themselves "why me?" I ask, "why not me?" It's the journey I am on and I am going to live life to the fullest. I support MSAA because of their incredible work supporting, advocating, and inspiring us MS warriors. They offer services to help improve our lives, and they always make us feel like we are the valuable and respected individuals that we are. As an MS advocate, I am proud to be a part of the greatest community in the world! I cannot express how thankful I am for all MSAA has done for my life, my family, and the MS community. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!” - @faithagauas representing Week Eighteen of #MSAA50 ...

“13 years ago I asked why me? Today I ask why not me? MS may attack my body, but I am in full control of the attitude that I choose to approach each day with it. I understand my battle with MS is not about me, it’s about choosing to attack life in such a positive way that it gives hope to those fighting the same battle.” - @tcspeaks32 representing Week Seventeen of #MSAA50 ...

"Happy birthday MSAA and congratulations on your first 50 years. My admiration for MSAA includes recognition of the passion, productivity, and commitment to serving people with MS and the community at its heart. As an MS nurse, having MSAA headquarters in my area has allowed me to observe, participate in, and benefit from the excellent educational events as well as to network with the incredible people who are its heart. I'm proud to be a small part of the mission." - MS nurse, Dottie Pfohl representing Week Sixteen of #MSAA50 ...

“So many of us are working and thriving while living with MS … many thanks to all of you who understand that those of us living with MS are not broken ... we just, sometimes, have a bit “More Stuff” to deal with. So, LETS KEEP SPREADING THE WORD!” - Team MSAA cyclist, Mike Zimits for Week Fifteen of #MSAA50 ...

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