MSAA’s 50th Anniversary

MSAA 50th Anniversary logoFounded in 1970, MSAA is marking its 50th anniversary in 2020 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the multiple sclerosis community and Improving Lives Today through vital services and support. Please join us in honoring this milestone by participating in these special 50th anniversary initiatives.

First, we’d like to share…

MSAA 50/50 Challenge

To help mark our 50th anniversary, MSAA developed two 50-word “Word Clouds” from your collective feedback and will feature them in print and online promotions throughout 2020. They are:

The Improving Lives Today Word Cloud

Improving Lives Today Word Cloud

This word cloud features 50 words that reflect your collective experiences with MSAA and completes the statement: “I find MSAA to be…”
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The Building Up Hope Word Cloud

Building Up Hope Word Cloud

This word cloud features 50 words of strength and unity for the MS community and completes the statement: “I find the key to thriving despite my MS is…”
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To read more about the history of MSAA, please click here.

MSAA 50th anniversary benefit

MSAA’s 50th Anniversary Benefit


Due to the concerns associated with COVID-19, MSAA has decided to postpone the Improving Lives Benefit until Spring 2021.

For more information, contact Jennifer Gaynor at (800) 532-7667 ext. 161 or


Watch highlights from the 2019 Improving Lives Benefit:

#MSAA50 on Instagram

MSAA is planning to post 50 photos of our clients in 50 weeks on social media to recognize our 50th anniversary! We invite you to join in – share a photo of yourself along with a caption that explains why you support MSAA and the MS community and tag us using #MSAA50. Who knows, you may be highlighted on MSAA’s social media platforms!

"Thank you to everyone who participated in #MSAA50! This campaign in recognition of MSAA’s 50th anniversary highlighted members of the MS community, including those who have MS, care partners, healthcare professionals, and supporters. On behalf of MSAA, I extend our heartfelt thanks to all of the participants who shared their messages of inspiration, hope, and support in dedication of our mission to Improve Lives Today! I would like to wish the entire MS community all the best in 2021." – Gina Ross Murdoch, MSAA President & CEO

[ID: A photo of MSAA's President & CEO, Gina Ross Murdoch. The photo includes a blue border and MSAA's logo in the bottom right corner.]

“The MSAA community is so special to me because of all they do to help the lives of others.” - @cory4deuce, linebacker for The Las Vegas @raiders for #MSAA50

[ID: Photo of Las Vegas Raiders linebacker, Cory Littleton. The picture includes a blue border and MSAA’s logo in the bottom right corner.]

“People living with multiple sclerosis (which includes people with the disease as well as the people who have tied their wagons to them) go through a rather stereotyped course of adjusting to life under altered circumstances: they must accept, adapt and then achieve. This I was taught by a dear friend, a woman who is the epitome of someone affected by MS who teaches others through her experience and wisdom. She proves that it is the connections we make with others that define who we are, as part of the patchwork quilt of our lives.

I believe to be connected we must forgive ourselves, remember to be grateful for what we have, and find our individual purpose in life.

Forgiveness: Strengthens out connections to ourselves.
Gratitude: Strengthens our connections to others.
Purpose: Strengthens our connections from others.

MSAA fosters these connections for families affected by multiple sclerosis.” – Dr. Adam Kaplin for #MSAA50

[ID: A photo of neurologist, Dr. Adam Kaplin. The photo includes a blue border and MSAA’s logo in the bottom right corner.]

"I am thankful for the hard work & advocacy of everyone at MSAA, raising awareness on behalf of those of us with MS. If not for them, I'd be forced to personally come to your home --which I will if necessary. Congrats MSAA, looking nifty for being fifty!" - MS advocate Doug Ankerman, MS class of 1996, for #MSAA50

[ID: Photo of MS advocate and blogger, Doug Ankerman with a sock in his mouth (an ode to his blog, My Odd Sock.) There is a blue border on the photo and MSAA's logo in the bottom right corner.]

“Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 30 years I find strength in paying it forward anytime and anywhere. I truly believe that together we are stronger than MS. I have learned to give my time, my voice and even just my ear to help others. I also learned to accept that same help. That is what a strong MS community is.” - MS advocate, Rosemarie Collopy for #MSAA50

[ID: A photograph of MS advocate, Rosemarie Collopy. The picture includes a blue border and MSAA’s logo in the bottom right corner.]

“Knowing what they [people with MS] are going through makes me want to do everything in my power to help. I believe that as independent content creators, we have to be willing to use our voices to help those in need.” - MS fundraising streamer, @bonks_nordic_ for #MSAA50

[ID: A selfie of MS fundraising streamer, Bonks. The photo also includes a blue border and MSAA's logo in the bottom right corner.]

“You must be the change that you wish to see in the world” - Gandhi

“This is why I support MSAA, diagnosed in 2013 I have seen the change that they make in the world of individuals living with MS. They offer community, hope, and education when it is so needed.” - Art Showcase participant, Jennifer Reida @nativehrtstudio for #MSAA50

[ID: A self-portrait drawn by Art Showcase participant, Jennifer Reida. The image is surrounded by a blue border with MSAA's logo in the bottom right corner.]

“I’ve been living with MS since 2002. My husband has been living with MS since 2009. We both support MSAA because they spread amazing information, community love, and their programs reach out to non-MSers to advocate for our needs. It’s a needed resource and we’re fortunate to have it our lives.” - MSAA Art Showcase participant, for #MSAA50

[ID: A selfie of MSAA Art Showcase participant, Leslie Pino Durant with some of her paint brushes. The image also has a blue border and MSAA’s logo in the bottom right corner.]

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