Client Story Videos

March is MS Awareness Month

Meet Cathy, Sara, and Simone – the MSAA clients featured in our Changing Lives Monday to Sunday video. Learn more about them and their experiences with MSAA’s Cooling Program, MRI Access Fund, and Swim for MS campaign.

Meet Cathy – Cooling and MS

Cathy describes how the heat greatly impacted her life with multiple sclerosis and the remarkable turnaround she experienced while wearing an MSAA-provided cooling vest.

Meet Sara – MRIs and MS

Sara shares her personal and emotional story about being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, not having insurance or the financial means to obtain an MRI exam, and discovering MSAA’s MRI Access Fund to help pay for the much-needed test.

Meet Simone – Swimming and MS

Simone dives into her love of swimming, how it is helping her multiple sclerosis, and her amazing volunteer efforts to raise funds for MSAA through the Swim for MS campaign.