Finding Purpose in Life

Finding Purpose in Life

Featuring Adam Kaplin, MD, PhD

Purpose in Life (PIL) is a research area that focuses on the interactions between mind and body and the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social, and spiritual factors can directly affect health. PIL has been shown to significantly support the central nervous system, cardiovascular health, and even the immune system – reducing inflammation and calming overactive immune-system activity.

As part of MSAA’s 2021 MS Awareness Month campaign on Improving Mental Health and Wellness, Adam Kaplin, MD, PhD explores the concept of having a Purpose in Life, details the research supporting its direct impact on improved health outcomes, and addresses audience questions on how to find and increase one’s own PIL for people living with MS and their care partners along with ways to stay connected with others.

For a transcript of this program, please click here.

To read more about how finding and embracing your purpose in life may play a part in your physical and mental health, please read the cover story of our Winter/Spring 2021 edition of The Motivator, “Finding Purpose in Life.”