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Book Cover 1Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

Fourth Edition
Written by T. Jock Murray, Carol Saunders, and Nancy Holland
Published by Demos Medical Publishing
MSAA Book #234

Written by top MS experts and now in its fourth edition, this book has been a staple for many individuals newly diagnosed with MS. Chapters cover a wide variety of important topics such as: the history of MS; diagnosis, potential causes, and treatments; employment; financial and life planning; clinical trials; and more.

Book Cover 2Chronic Resilience: 10 Sanity-Saving Strategies for Women Coping with the Stress of Illness

Written by Danea Horn
Published by Conari Press

MSAA Book #14

Professional speaker and author Danea Horn has faced medical challenges and illness her entire life – but this fact is soon forgotten when reading her upbeat and spirited writing. She approaches topics in a very down-to-earth and sometimes humorous manner, while giving sound advice on how to set goals, empower oneself, and live life to the fullest. In addition to her own experiences, she tells the stories of several other unique and insightful women who also cope with chronic illnesses.

Book Cover 3No More Secs! Living, Laughing & Loving Despite Multiple Sclerosis

Written by Ann Pietrangelo
Published by WebCamp One LLC

MSAA Book #24

Author Ann Pietrangelo is a freelance writer who was diagnosed with MS at the age of 44. Throughout the book’s 37 brief chapters, she presents an entertaining as well as insightful look at the many facets involved with learning about and coping with the changes associated with MS. Some of her amusing chapter titles include, “Discombobulation Sums It Up Rather Nicely,” and “Hitchcock Could Have Written This.”

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