Lisa Cohen

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Lisa Cohen – San Rafael, CA

I live in San Rafael, California and take photos of flowers and other plants there although sometimes in other parts of Marin. I love flowers and taking photos allows me to appreciate them more. I often walk in Dominican University which is close to where I live. It has beautiful gardens. It is something I can do when walking, whether using my walker or without it, no matter how short a distance or long. It is a way to break up my walks. Taking photos is not something I did a lot of before MS. Using my smart phone I can easily delete the photos that are no good and can crop them to make them look better. I often put the photos together in booklets of photos for gifts or auction items. Many go into Facebook birthday cards. I also write poetry and sometimes combine photos and poems.

Iris Photo Dominican University
Iris Photo

Rose Photo Dominican University
Rose Photo

Fall Foliage Photo San Rafael
Fall Foliage Photo