2020 MSAA Art Showcase Artist of the Month

Hannah Garrison – San Antonio, TX

I am an artist that has worked in various art mediums for my entire life. Prior to an MS diagnosis, in 2017, the arts had slowly become something that was slipping away from me — despite working, and absolutely LOVING being an art and painting instructor. Artmaking for myself, and for my own personal mental health and enjoyment was, at that point, a distant pastime.

Fast forward to June 28, 2017, and MS had become a real threat to my existence and everything I knew. Multiple sclerosis has a way of “gifting” us unwanted surprises. I was bequeathed numerous problems, including mild motor function problems in my hands, visual impairments, depression/ anxiety, and worst of all – cognitive impairments. I have spent all my time since then trying to slowly regain what skills I’ve had. What I have lost in technical skills and drawing and the required mental focus, I have gained even more of in an appreciation for the shapes and the colors that keep me sane.

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They Might Want to Fall
They Might Want to Fall