2020 MSAA Art Showcase Artist of the Month

Shana Stern – Pacific Palisades, CA

Thirteen years into my MS diagnosis, I could no longer write or dance – my profession and my passion.

Unable to hold a paintbrush because ofmy MS, I began painting using my fingers and knuckles, rather than brushes. I paint each piece to a song – trying to interpret the feeling and movements of the dance I see in my brain. Crouched over canvas, covered in paint, lost in the music – everything else disappears. All my pain, cognitive and physical issues dissolve away into beauty & the freedom that painting affords me.

I’ve lost much to MS, but my art has given me a second chance in life. I still get to tell stories – but instead of using a pen, I now use paint. I still get to dance – but instead of my feet, I use my fingers. I hope I will always be able to dance through paint and hopefully I can inspire people with my art.

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Sound of Silence
Sound of Silence