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MSAA MRI Access Fund

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a valuable tool for diagnosing multiple sclerosis and tracking its progression. Both aspects are critically important in helping people find answers, monitor disease activity, and make informed treatment and healthcare decisions. Unfortunately, many people do not have the insurance coverage or financial means necessary to acquire an MRI to confirm a diagnosis or evaluate the status of their illness. MSAA has created the MRI Access Fund to fulfill these important needs.

Nurse assisting a woman getting ready for a MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) plays a vital role in the diagnosis of MS and the periodic evaluation of disease activity.

What is the MSAA MRI Access Fund?

The MSAA MRI Access Fund assists individuals who are uninsured or under insured acquire a cranial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exam to help determine a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis or evaluate current MS disease progression. MSAA will work with eligible individuals, physicians, imaging centers, and insurers to help fund the necessary MRI.

What services are provided through the MRI Access Fund?

Insurance payment assistance: For those of low/moderate income who have medical insurance (including Medicare) and are not able to meet the co-payment or co-insurance, the MRI Access Fund will assist in covering the remaining balance of the MRI.

Full payment: For those of low/moderate income who do not have medical insurance or cannot afford their insurance deductible, the MRI Access Fund will pay for the MRI through contracted imaging centers across the country.

Who is Eligible?

Individuals who:

  • Are suspected of having multiple sclerosis and need an MRI to help confirm a diagnosis
  • Have multiple sclerosis and need a follow-up MRI to track disease progression
  • Meet income requirements per MSAA’s guidelines (listed in application)
  • Receive approval from MSAA prior to having an MRI (no reimbursements). Do not schedule or have an MRI completed until MSAA has approved your application.
  • Receive one (1) MSAA-funded MRI exam within a 24-month period.

To Apply for This Program

Step 1. Discuss with your physician the need for an MRI to aid in diagnosing multiple sclerosis or evaluating disease progression.

Step 2: If an MRI is needed, please download the MSAA MRI Access Fund application or contact MSAA at (800) 532-7667 to receive a copy in the mail.

Step 3: Please complete the application, have your doctor complete the Physician Review Form and include a prescription for a cranial MRI. Applications must include a prescription for an MRI or they will be returned as incomplete.

Step 4: Mail the completed application, with MRI prescription, to:
Attn: MRI Access Fund
375 Kings Highway North
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

If you have any questions please call the MSAA MRI Access Fund at (800) 532-7667, extension 120 or email

The MRI Access Fund is supported through charitable contributions from Genzyme, a Sanofi company, and EMD Serono and Pfizer.
Last Updated on Monday, 22 June 2015 11:00