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Staying Connected...

with the MS community, medical experts, and MS organizations

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Staying ConnectedInformation is one of the most powerful tools used by individuals to understand and manage multiple sclerosis. In addition to our comprehensive publications, online educational videos, and Lending Library program, MSAA also organizes and sponsors a wide array of public education and awareness events. These events often feature expert neurologists and healthcare professionals who bring clients the latest information on the advances in MS research, available treatment options, and new techniques to meet the physical, emotional, and social challenges which arise from living with a chronic illness.

MSAA coordinates these events in a variety of formats to help best present the information and resources to our clients and healthcare providers. These events include conferences, workshops, health fairs, and seminars. Topics are carefully selected to help cover a broad range of issues with important and useful information that enables participants to change their lives. Examples of topics include research updates, symptom management, physical and rehabilitative medicine, pain management, and a myriad of other real-life issues that are important to those with MS and their care partners. MSAA also conducts live webinars covering many topics that are vital to the MS community.

MSAA's "Staying Connected" area of service facilitates peer support through its Networking Program. This is an online community of individuals with multiple sclerosis and their care partners who are interested in corresponding via email with others who are affected by MS and face similar challenges. Email correspondence is especially helpful for those who are unable to attend traditional support group meetings but still want to stay connected to the MS community. The Networking Program's online directory is password protected and available through MSAA's website.

MSAA's social mediaMSAA's social media presence allows for communication with a much wider audience about programs and services, urgent MS updates, fundraising initiatives, and other important news.

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Multiple Sclerosis Coalition

MSAA is a founding member of the Multiple Sclerosis Coalition (MSC), an affiliation of independent MS organizations dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life for all individuals affected by multiple sclerosis. The MSC's mission is to increase opportunities for cooperation, and provide greater opportunity to leverage the effective use of resources for the benefit of the MS community.

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