2017 MSAA MS Ability Art Showcase Artist of the Month


Martha Sue Meek – Arlington, TX

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t love art! When mother was painting she would set me up at a place nearby. I taught art for thirty plus years. I had a husband and son that were a part of my busy life. I retired and helped out with our family art gallery that my parents started fifty years ago this year! Then M.S. came in with not much warning about three years ago. I have been active my whole life and then BAM, M.S. has slowed me down. What has happened for me is my M.S., even though I didn’t ask for it, gave me time to reflect and paint! I realized my art would give me time finally to paint more than I ever had before. Art gives me great comfort and peace. M.S. is a battle, but I WILL NOT let it dictate how I feel about life! My faith, art, family and friends have helped me along the way!

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Grandmother’s Flowers
Grandmother's Flowers